Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Dispersed Teams

    Hey guys!

    Thank you so much for coming to my Elevate talk.

    You can download my slides here. If you do, I'd love it if you could ping me or send an email - just letting me know that you did so that I can shoot you a message when I update them.

    With that in mind, I'd also really love some feedback on my talk. You can click here to get to a Google form I've set up for this purpose.

  • A Usual Shoot

    This is, of course, very generic - things will change depending on what our shoot is, but this is assuming a fashion shoot with a few variables.

    Also, please forgive the photo-descriptive inserts. I have ideas but still need to shoot those ones - much like many of my projects...

    You arrive a few minutes before the time we set, which is awesome, because I also love being early. If we've hired a makeup artist or stylist, they've been here for a few minutes already, getting set up and going over what tone and look we're going for. We go over it all again with you after you've had a chance to put away your coat and get comfortable.

    We'll also go over where exactly we'll be shooting - if we need to move again (into an outdoor environment, for instance), full warning will be given so that you'll know if you need to grab a coat again or anything like that.

    [Stock-style photo of me talking to a model and a MUA, maybe.]

    This is where you'll start getting ready - you'll change into the outfit we'll be shooting in (I usually call them costumes, even when they're just clothing), and either do your hair and makeup or have them done for you, if necessary.

    We'll set up wherever it is the shoot is happening, and do some lighting tests. Ideally, lighting has already been set up, but sometimes this will involve you standing in one location and hanging out with me while I get things sorted. It will always involve a dozen or two photos being shot while I adjust lighting and settings on my camera (and sometimes on my flashes).

    [Picture will eventually go here of a lighting setup.]

    Then we shoot. I'll give you pose suggestions, and you're also always encouraged to move on your own, within the bounds of what we've discussed for the shoot (or outside it really; shooting digital means no worrying about film cost).

    Sometimes, we'll break so that you can change outfits, touch-up hair or makeup, or (in a particularly long shoot) get some water or a snack. But throughout I'll show you shots here and there.

    At the end of the shoot, time-permitting, we'll sit down and go through the shots so that we can immediately eliminate the bulk of them - where you're blinking, the lighting isn't quite right, I missed the focus, or anything like that.

    Finally, I will make sure you get a link as soon as the photos are done being edited - which I try to do within two weeks but can take a long, long time if I have a lot on my plate. Generally speaking a month is my upper limit, with only a few (ahem) exceptions.