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    I am writing this post on my newly-functional sitting desk monitor!

    I specify sitting desk because I am about five feet away from the desk I do most of my work on, a combination of a pair of old drawers from Ikea and an Oristand. My usual work monitor lives there, so I've been working only on my laptop during my brief stints sitting during the workweek.

    But no more!

    Now I only have a few more small improvements to make across my office. I need to:

    • Put up art. Probably photos I've taken that I really love, but maybe some other stuff to match the other art on my walls already.
    • Reorganize and rearrange the paperbacks in my library.
    • Build myself a standing desk. That's going to be a big project that involves buying and shaping a lot of wood, as well as buying a third monitor.
    • Clean my damned desk! ... I think that's likely going to have to happen tomorrow so that Monday morning is nice and sunny and clear in my office, even if the forecast looks like crap.

    There are so many great feelings from having this, and I can't wait to get the next stage going with a custom desk. Maybe I'll talk to Paul about it tomorrow...



    Note: Yes, this is my first post on the new-and-improved site. No, I'm not going to make it my manifesto for writing... done that, been there, failed like the rest of 'em.

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